Gut Microbiome Test Kit

$147.00 $179.00 savings: $32.00
Gut Microbiome Test Kit

Gut Microbiome Test Kit

$147.00 $179.00 savings: $32.00
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Everything You Need for An Improved Gut

What’s Included With Your Purchase

Gut Microbiome Test Kit

Our kit includes both a snapshot and long-term sampling process allowing for better analysis of your gut health. Clear instructions in your kit tell you how to self-sample. It's fast and private, and takes place in the comfort of your home. After you collect your sample, stick it in the prepaid envelope and drop it in the nearest mailbox.

Full Gut Microbiome Test Analysis

Track your progress and learn about your personal gut health. Gutbuster™ technology allows for the interpretation of the trillions of microbes inside your gut. This analysis is available in digital format on the Sun Genomics' Customer Portal.

Your Microbiome Test Analysis Will Include:

  • 1A Personal Microbiome Score
  • 2Health and Diet Recommendations
  • 3Comparison Data
  • 4A Full Breakdown of your Top Ten Microbes
  • 5Probiotic Profile
  • 6Identification of Beneficial Microbes
  • 7Identification of Neutral and Variable Microbes
  • 8Scientific References and Definitions


Continue Your Gut Health Journey and Upgrade to Probiotics


Once you have reviewed the data from your Gut Microbiome Test Kit analysis, you can contact to upgrade to customized probiotics designed from your Gut Microbiome Test Kit data.  Probiotics designed from your Gut Microbiome Test Kit analysis will help drive down the unhealthy microbes of your gut and replenish it with beneficial microbes like our probiotics.  These probiotics help when your Gut Microbiome Test Kit analysis had identified overgrowth (SIBO), pathogenic microbes, key organism deficiencies, or poor gut diversity.  

A Better Gut Health Shipped to Your Door

Shipping Information

We ship throughout the US and internationally. We'll begin your order by shipping you a sample collection kit so we can analyze your specific Digestive DNA. Once we complete the analysis of the trillions of microbes in your gut, we will ship precision probiotics straight to your door in special packaging designed to keep your probiotics cool.