Floré Gut Test Kit

$147.00 $180.00 savings: $33.00
Floré Gut Test Kit

Floré Gut Test Kit

$147.00 $180.00 savings: $33.00
Get to know your gut. Find out which foods and supplements are right for you based on your gut health data.
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The only way to find the best gut solution for you is to get feedback through a gut health test. The Floré Gut Test gives you an in-depth look inside the inner workings of your human gut microflora (the little critters in your gut). Learn about the beneficial, neutral, variable, and harmful bacteria in your gut. Your analysis will also include diet and lifestyle recommendations to improve your gut health.

Your human gut microflora is a powerful community of non-human cells that play a role in immune health. Right next to your gut microflora and intestinal digestive system is your Gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT).

GALT is responsible for key parts of our immune system and response. The GALT and your friendly gut microflora talk to one another and scientists have now discovered that microflora to GALT communication is important to maintaining a healthy gut and immune system.

The average human body is host to more than 100 trillion microbes! In most cases, the number of microbes exceeds the number of human cells in our bodies. Gut microbes are roughly one to three percent of your body's weight - but you don’t want to shed these lbs, many of them are our first line of defense from the food we eat or air we breath. They are important and that is why we analyze your human gut microflora to help you understand your gut and immune system. 1

The best gut test is one that offers a full spectrum microflora analysis and includes full HD resolution scanning of over 3,000 microbes including probiotics, viruses, phages, and fungi. Think of it like watching your favorite movie, sports, or tv show on a brand new 5K UHD IPS LED TV. The gut health test results include amounts for each gut microbe as well as comparison data so that you can compare your microbiome with other Floré customers and public government funded projects like the American Gut Project.

Your analysis will also include custom key objectives for your health, recipe guidance, and five unique scores related to the health of your gut microflora including; overall health, joint health, and longevity. You can also upgrade to precision probiotics after receiving your report for $147 (3 months supply).

1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5902424/

What’s Included With Your Purchase

Gut Microbiome Test Kit

Our kit includes both a snapshot and long-term sampling process allowing for better analysis of your gut health. Clear instructions in your kit tell you how to self-sample. It's fast and private, and takes place in the comfort of your home. After you collect your sample, stick it in the prepaid envelope and drop it in the nearest mailbox.

Full Gut Microbiome Test Analysis

Track your progress and learn about your personal gut health. Gutbuster™ technology allows for the interpretation of the trillions of microbes inside your gut. This analysis is available in digital format on the Sun Genomics' Customer Portal.


Once you have reviewed the data from your Gut Microbiome Test Kit analysis, you can contact customerservice@sungenomics.com to upgrade to customized probiotics designed from your Gut Microbiome Test Kit data. Probiotics designed from your Gut Microbiome Test Kit analysis will help drive down the unhealthy microbes of your gut and replenish it with beneficial microbes like our probiotics. These probiotics help when your Gut Microbiome Test Kit analysis had identified overgrowth (SIBO), pathogenic microbes, key organism deficiencies, or poor gut diversity.

Shipping Information

We ship throughout the US and internationally. We'll begin your order by shipping you a sample collection kit so we can analyze your specific Digestive DNA. Once we complete the analysis of the trillions of microbes in your gut, we will ship precision probiotics straight to your door in special packaging designed to keep your probiotics cool.

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