Frequently Asked Questions

What is the microbiome?

The microbiome is the collection of all the microbes and their corresponding set of genes. Sun Genomics focuses on the microbiome located in the gut. A common misconception is that all these microbes are bad for you, but that is not true; microbes play an integral role in aiding the body's immunological, nutritional, and metabolic functions.

How does FLORÉ help my microbiome?

Part of Sun Genomics' process is to analyze your gut composition and record which microbes your body has both ample and deficient supply of. Based on the data, we will craft a probiotic that will help fortify your gut into a stronger and healthier state.

When can I expect to see results?

It's important to note that every person is different in both their gut profile as well as their reaction to probiotics. Therefore everyone's results and reaction time is a variable that we cannot predict. What we can predict is that your overall health will improve.

Does my gut microbiome change?

Your microbiome is always subject to change: if you take antibiotics, have a severe illness, or even change your diet, your gut microbiome will change. We provide you probiotics that last for three months and you can renew your subscription to re-test and reformulate, accommodating for any changes to your microbiome.

What does my subscription entail?

As a part of the subscription, we include one kit, which will be used to collect your stool sample, and three months worth of personalized probiotics. If you wish to continue your subscription there will be an automatic renewal option, wherein after your probiotics have ended, you will be retested and provided with a new set of probiotics.

I couldn’t see information about how often I will be charged and how often I will get my supplies?

Answer: FLORÉ is a three month subscription. You can manage your subscription through recharge. You will receive the information via email. You will receive a new test kit every three months along with three months custom formulated probiotics.

Will I have to take it to the rest of my life?

All customers are different in how they plan to manage their microbiome. After three months we encourage customers to retest and see how their microbiome has changed.

What is included in my FLORÉ order?

FLORÉ includes a microbiome collection kit and custom formulated probiotics. The process goes like this. First, we send you a kit. You send back a sample. We will perform DNA analysis, send you a microbiome report and, using that report, we custom formulate probiotics.

How often do I get to test my microbiome in the first 3 months?

Your FLORÉ subscription includes 1 microbiome test as well as three months of custom formulated precision probiotics.

When will I receive my probiotics?

At Sun Genomics, we use cutting edge sequencing technology to analyze your gut microbiome and micro-manufacture each probiotic pill in our facility. Good science and personalization takes some time as every piece is reviewed by our team of scientists. Currently, customers should expect to receive their precision probiotics within 10-12 weeks.