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Floré Tots | Custom Probiotics

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Floré Tots | Custom Probiotics
  • Floré Tots custom probiotics are formulated for toddlers ages 1-3
  • Comes in an easy to digest powder to mix with your child’s favorite drink
  • Helps with digestive issues, food allergies, and overall health

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    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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    How Floré Works

    Floré Tots: Custom Probiotics for Toddlers 1-3 Years old.

    Why Probiotics are Good for Toddlers

    Probiotics for toddlers are critical for the development of their gut microflora and can help ensure they’re receiving their essential nutrients for a healthy start. Probiotics have been shown to help improve the diversity of the gut microbiome, which is linked to:

    • Better Mood and Temperament1,3
    • Supports Immune System2
    • Prevent Autoimmune Conditions4

    Once our scientists understand what’s in your child’s unique microflora, they begin working on a lab crafted custom formulated probiotics using our strain inventory of 70+ probiotic strains in our lab in San Diego, California. We'll be able to see which microbes need to be supported and which ones need to be reduced.

    Finally, we know kids may have trouble with swallowing pills, and we thought about that as well. The Tots formula includes a specially designed powder allowing the prebiotic/probiotic blend to be easily mixed into your kiddos favorite milk, water, or juice.

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    Your Child’s Microbiome Analysis

    The microflora analysis provides information for over 23,000 microbes in your child’s gut. We then break down the information in an easy to read report highlighting probiotics, top ten microbes, beneficial and potentially harmful bacteria including virus, fungi, phages, and yeast.

    Everything Your Child Needs for An Improved Gut

    What’s Included With Your Purchase

    Microbiome Collection Kit

    Includes both a snapshot and long-term sampling process allowing for better analysis of your child’s gut microflora.

    Portal Access

    Track your child’s progress, learn about their personal microflora, and try our recommendations for food and supplements best for their digestive system.

    Probiotics for Toddlers

    We formulate your toddler's probiotics by using the latest scientific research, data analysis, and best practices. Your child’s 3 month supply of natural, vegan (if desired), gluten-free, non-gmo personalized probiotics will be shipped directly to your door.

    Probiotics Subscription

    Your renewal of the Floré Tots Microbiome Test & Personalized Probiotics will give you feedback into how your child’s gut microflora has improved and allow us to make a new batch of customized probiotics that changes with your child's microflora and is made just for them.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the difference between Floré and Floré Tots?

    Floré Tots delivers custom formulated probiotics in an easy to mix lyophilized powder format thereby allowing the probiotic to be combined with juice, milk or water. Also, the concentration of Floré Tots is much lower.


    What does my Floré order include?

    All Floré subscriptions include a microbiome collection kit, a health objective call with one of our scientific liaisons, categorization of your health and diet information, a full microbiome analysis, and lab-crafted precision probiotics.


    When will I receive the probiotics?

    Customers should expect to receive their lab-crafted precision probiotics 3-4 weeks after submitting their sample. Each probiotic strain is carefully selected by our scientific team following the application of a patented sequencing analysis tool. Good science takes time and we believe in good science.


    What should I expect to see in my child's Microbiome Analysis?

    Gutbuster™ technology allows for the interpretation of the trillions of microbes inside your child's gut. Their Microbiome Analysis will include: health and diet recommendations, comparison information, and a microbiome score (how healthy is your microbiome). The Analysis also includes a breakdown of specific categories of microbiomes including; top ten, probiotic profile, beneficial microbes, neutral microbes as well as scientific references and definitions. This Analysis is available in digital format on the Sun Genomics’ Portal.


    What happens after my three-month subscription?

    Sun Genomics will remind you of your renewal 8 weeks after you have received your probiotics. At this time, you could choose to either opt for a re-test to learn about the improvements in your gut health and reformulate the probiotics as per the new gut profile or take no action and receive your new batch of the probiotics which will be the same as the previous ones.