Floré Gut Test + Precision Probiotics

$297.00 $396.00 savings: $99.00
Floré Gut Test + Precision Probiotics
3-Month Supply

Floré Gut Test + Precision Probiotics

$297.00 $396.00 savings: $99.00
Subscription details
How subscriptions work

Your FLORÉ works on a subscription cycle meaning that you will be charged $297 plus applicable taxes/shipping approximately 6 weeks after you receive your custom probiotics. That will give us plenty of time for us to complete the analysis and provide you with an updated formula before your 3 month supply runs out. We know that subscriptions can be hard to manage, so we will be sure to send you a few reminders via e-mail letting you know the exact recharge date. If you don't want to continue after 3 months, you can always modify or cancel your subscription at any time. View our refund policy
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Why Our Precision Probiotics Are Better

Your microbiome is 90% different than any other microbiomes on the planet. Since your gut is so different from anyone else, unlike other products which are "one size fits all" it makes sense to have a custom, lab-crafted gut health solution in the form of a prebiotic/probiotic blend made just for you. Sun Genomics' flagship product combines the power of a full spectrum microbiome analysis with three month of lab crafted custom formulated probiotics and Floré is the only product on the market that actually customizes the formula using a strain repository of 70+ probiotic strains in our lab in San Diego, California.

Sun Genomics offers a full spectrum microbiome analysis using whole genome shotgun analysis that offers an industry leading level of gut transparency, Your microbiome analysis includes full resolution of over 3,000 microbes including probiotics, viruses, phages, and fungi. The analysis includes abundance levels for each organism as well as comparison data so that you can compare your microbiome with other Floré customers and the American Gut Project. Your analysis will also include custom comments, recipe guidance, and five unique scores related to the health of your microbiome including; overall health, joint health, and longevity. You can also upgrade to precision probiotics after receiving your report for $225 (3 months supply).

We stay with you. As your gut microbiome changes for the better, Floré Microbiome Test + Precision Probiotics is auto-renews as a subscription. Every three months, Sun Genomics will send you another Microbiome Analysis so you can re-test and see how your microbiome has changed while taking your unique gut health solution. With an improved microbiome, you can take advantage of a new formula again custom formulated based on your new microbiome signature.


What’s Included With Your Purchase

Monitoring your microbiome and protecting your gut health is absolutely essential for your overall wellness. Take control of your gut with a subscription to FLORÉ; a microbiome collection process that provides you with both the information you need to manage your microbiome and a 3 month supply of precision probiotics manufactured in our San Diego, California facility made specifically for your unique composition.

With your order, FLORÉ customers receive:

Microbiome Collection Kit

Including both a snapshot and long-term sampling process allowing for better analysis of your gut microbiome.

Next Generation Whole Genome DNA Sequencing

DNA Sequencing of your gut microbiome allowing Sun Genomics’ scientists to dive deeper into the composition of your gut, ultimately creating a better probiotic

Microbiome Profile Analysis

Identifies organisms in an easy to understand process using real-world explanations and actionable recommendations. This Analysis also include a Sun Genomics Microbiome Profile score using a patented system developed by our team to help you track your gut health over time.

Scientific Consultation and Weekly Surveys

Scientific consultation and weekly surveys allowing you to better understand your microbiome and how your diet and lifestyle is impacting your overall health and wellness.

3 Month Supply

3 month supply of natural, gluten-free, non-gmo, vegan personalized probiotics shipped directly to your door.

Automatic Renewal

Automatic renewal of the Floré Microbiome Test & Personalized Probiotics will give you insight into how your gut has improved and give us the updated DigestiveDNA™ insight needed to make a new batch of customized probiotics just for you.

Shipping Information

We ship throughout the US and internationally. We'll begin your order by shipping you a sample collection kit so we can analyze your specific Digestive DNA. Once we complete the analysis of the trillions of microbes in your gut, we will ship precision probiotics straight to your door in special packaging designed to keep your probiotics cool.

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