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Floré Gut Test + Precision Probiotics

$297.00 $396.00 savings: $99.00
Floré Gut Test + Precision Probiotics
3-Month Supply

Floré Gut Test + Precision Probiotics

$297.00 $396.00 savings: $99.00

Take our Floré Gut Test to understand the inner workings of your gut microflora and get personalized probiotics formulated just for you. Whether you have abdominal pain, suffer from bloating, SIBO, leaky gut, or just looking to improve your diet and lifestyle, we have a customized probiotic solution for you. Our Floré probiotics are 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, formulated without preservatives, and don’t have that weird pill taste. 

  • One Time Purchase: Includes Gut Test and 3-month supply of custom probiotics.
  • Subscription Program: After 6 weeks of receiving your custom probiotics, the subscription will renew and then you will be sent a new gut health test kit to take another sample. Once we receive your new sample, we’ll be able to provide you with an updated analysis and custom formula before your initial supply runs out.
Subscription Details
How subscriptions work

Your FLORÉ works on a subscription cycle meaning that you will be charged $297 plus applicable taxes/shipping approximately 6 weeks after you receive your custom probiotics. That will give us plenty of time for us to complete the analysis and provide you with an updated formula before your 3 month supply runs out. We know that subscriptions can be hard to manage, so we will be sure to send you a few reminders via e-mail letting you know the exact recharge date. If you don't want to continue after 3 months, you can always modify or cancel your subscription at any time. View our refund policy


How Floré Gut Test + Precision Probiotics Works

We first analyze your gut microflora then use your analysis and unique microflora to lab-craft your personalized probiotics. Based on the data, we will manufacture a probiotic that will help fortify your gut into a stronger and healthier state. Each mixture of custom probiotics is carefully selected from our inventory of over 70 clinically validated probiotic and prebiotic strains to support your specific needs.

Real Results from Floré Users

After 3 Months on Floré:

81% of Customers Reported Improvement in Immunity

83% of Customers Reported Increase in Energy

87% of Customers Reported Relief from Bloating, Gas, SIBO, Leaky Gut, & Other Digestive Issues

80% of Customers Reported Better Food Tolerance

Check your gut health scores, track your health goals, and discover recommended food and recipes based on your gut health data all on our mobile app or online portal.

What's Included in Your Purchase

With your order, Floré customers receive:

Microflora Collection Kit

Includes both a snapshot and long-term sampling process allowing for better analysis of your gut microflora.

Microflora Profile Analysis

Identifies organisms in an easy to understand process using real-world explanations and actionable recommendations. This analysis also includes a Sun Genomics Gut Health score using a patented system developed by our team to help you track your gut health over time.

Sustainable Bamboo Container

Your initial 3 month supply will come in an environmentally friendly container shipped directly to your door. Refills will come in small recyclable baggies so you can refill your bamboo container and reduce waste.

Automatic Renewal

Your renewal of the Floré Microflora Test & Personalized Probiotics will give you feedback into how your gut has improved and allow us to make a new batch of customized probiotics that changes with your microflora and is made just for you.

Next Generation Whole Genome DNA Sequencing

DNA Sequencing of your gut microbiome allows Sun Genomics’ scientists to dive deeper into the composition of your gut, ultimately creating a better probiotic.

Wellness Consultations and Weekly Surveys

Track your health goal progress with a dedicated wellness consultant. You'll also receive weekly surveys allowing you to better understand your microbiome and how your diet and lifestyle is impacting your overall health and wellness.

We believe that people with SIBO and people with leaky gut each deserve their own custom solution and personalized attention. Whatever digestive issue you’re suffering from, we make sure you’re getting the support you need. If your formulation you currently have isn’t working for you, you can reach out to us at any time. We are here to help.

"I have been using Sun Genomics for the last two months and I am so happy with it! It has helped not only my energy levels but has also assisted in my digestive health, prior skin problems and immune system. I am highly recommending it now to all my family, friends and old college teammates."

Brooke Coyle
Sean's experience  with custom probiotics

"Sun Genomics created a personalized probiotic specifically for my microbiome and I was able to start enjoying cheese without feeling bloated or having stomach pain. I'm finally able to enjoy my favorite foods again"

Sean Hawkins
Senior Facilities Coordinator La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company

"I have been battling chronic digestive discomfort that has greatly impacted my life for the past several years. That all changed a few months ago when I began taking Floré probiotics. The team at Sun Genomics listened as I explained my issues and custom formulated a supplement just for me. I feel so much better!"

Natalie D.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the microbiome?

The microbiome is the collection of all the microbes and their corresponding set of genes. Sun Genomics focuses on the microbiome located in the gut. A common misconception is that all these microbes are bad for you, but that is not true; microbes play an integral role in aiding the body's immunological, nutritional, and metabolic functions.


When can I expect to see results?

It's important to note that every person is different in both their gut profile as well as their reaction to probiotics. Therefore everyone's results and reaction time is a variable that we cannot predict. What we can predict is that your overall health will improve.


How often will I be charged and how often I will get my supplies?

Floré is a three month subscription. You can manage your subscription through recharge. You will receive the information via email. You will receive a new test kit every three months along with three months custom formulated probiotics.


Does my gut microbiome change?

Your microbiome is always subject to change: if you take antibiotics, have a severe illness, or even change your diet, your gut microbiome will change. We provide you probiotics that last for three months and you can renew your subscription to re-test and reformulate, accommodating for any changes to your microbiome.