About Sun Genomics and FLORÉ

FLORÉ by Sun Genomics is a microbiome collection kit and custom probiotic specially formulated to an individual's gut microbiome.

FLORE´ by Sun Genomics Instructional Video

See instructions for using the Microbiome Collection Kit.

Made in California

See Sun Genomic's presentation on curing dysbiosis, which is an imbalance in the microflora of the body. Presented at the California Grown Startups panel.

Bacteria's Influence On Your Body

See how microbes interact and influence with our bodies. Does the microbiome talk directly with the brain?

HVMN Enhancement Podcast: Personalized Probiotics for Gut Health

In this episode of the HVMN Enhancement Podcast, our CEO, Sunny Jain, explains the benefits of optimizing the gut microbiome and how it can affect our health.

Round-the-corner Future Technology

Sunny Jain and Neal Gidvani discuss the benefits of personalized probiotics with the Future Tech Podcast.