Our Story

"If you've ever known how it feels to be lost in front of a sea of nutrition labels, you'll know how I felt, stuck in front of my grocery store's probiotics section helplessly struggling to find a remedy for my son's dysbiosis. As a scientist, I didn't want to blindly trust the symptoms that each synthetic bottle claimed to cure, but I didn't know how to begin to choose the right probiotic. Eventually, after trying to decipher the labels in futility, I finally decided that I wouldn't just buy one bottle. I bought as many bottles as I could get my hands on, not to use but to test in the lab.

After careful experimentation, I discovered that 85 percent of the probiotics on the shelf didn't even survive our stomach acids. What's more is that any given person only shares 10 percent microbiome similarity with anyone else, so there was no way one product could be made for every unique consumer. I realized then that I had to do something about this to help people like me who were simply looking for effective probiotic supplements. Floré is everything I wish I had that one restless night."

-Sunny Jain, CEO and Founder

What Makes us Unique

While other companies offer data anaylsis on your microbiome, which is cryptic at best, expecting you to take the next step, at Sun Genomics we take that step and provide you with probiotics personalized exactly to you.

Our Mission

At Sun Genomics we believe that better probiotics means a better you. More importantly, however, is that a better you can make a bigger impact.

Take Initiative

We can become better by seeking to improve, but we can become perfect by hearing your opinion. If you have any issues or suggestions, we will listen.