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The top diagram represents common microbial abundances within the gut of a person affected by dysbiosis. FLORÉ combats this by restoring beneficial probiotic microbes while decreasing unfavorable microbes, as seen in the bottom diagram.

Did you know that your body is home to trillions of bacteria that affect you in a multitude of ways, from how often you get sick to how well you tolerate certain foods? These bacteria are collectively known as your microbiome, and a large portion of them live in your digestive tract.

No two individuals have the same gut microbiome, and at Sun Genomics, we believe the most effective probiotic should be formulated specifically for you.

If treating your condition hasn’t been helpful, it’s time to treat your gut microbiome.

Success Stories

"Sun Genomics created a personalized probiotic specifically for my microbiome and I was able to start enjoying cheese without feeling bloated or having stomach pain. I'm finally able to enjoy my favorite foods again"

Sean Hawkins
Senior Facilities Coordinator La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company

"I approached SunGenomics to see if their probiotics would help in minimizing the pains and discomfort I felt in association with having thyroid, digestion and inflammation issues. Within a months’ time of taking my individually formulated probiotics, I noticed some changes; I was able to eat foods that I usually avoided all together, I woke up more energized, the bloating spells were gone, and I had regular bowel movements. To top it all off, I started to lose weight without having to increase my exercise routine. This was an incredible bonus. Having Hypothyroidism and digestive issues has made losing weight a struggle but now I know that my unbalanced gut had a huge role in my overall health."

Lindsay Wood
Operations Manager BioLabs

"I am a proponent of Sun Genomics, Cindy and I have been using the custom probiotics for several months. I immediately had an overall increase in well being, energy and digestion. I am able to eat a broader selection of food and feel healthier with the probiotic regimen. Thank you!"

Tim Collins

"I have been battling chronic digestive discomfort that has greatly impacted my life for the past several years. That all changed a few months ago when I began taking FLORÉ probiotics. The team at Sun Genomics listened as I explained my issues and custom formulated a supplement just for me. I feel so much better!"

Natalie D.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Which Condition Are You Suffering From?

Here’s How We’ll Help You

You complete our<br />simple sampling process

You complete our
simple sampling process

We analyze your<br />unique gut microbiome

We analyze your
unique gut microbiome

We craft a precision probiotic<br />in our labs just for you

We craft a precision probiotic
in our labs just for you

Track your progress and<br />see your improvement

Track your progress and
see your improvement