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Introducing FLORÉ precision probiotics.

"I have been able to stop my daily medication for my intestinal issues. I have successfully reintroduced foods which, for many years, I have been unable to eat."

Sue-Ellen Prag

There are Trillions of bacteria weighing over a pound alive in your gut -- and when they get out of balance it can lead to bouts of constipation, diarrhea, and gas. To restore harmony, you must increase your good bacteria while fighting off the bad bacteria causing your symptoms. The answer is as simple as formulating a probiotic that is specific to your unique microbiome -- but that's difficult to do -- until now. At Sun Genomics, we will custom manufacture probiotics for your unique microbiome and restore balance and good health.

No two people have the same microbiome because there are nearly limitless combinations of organisms to concentrations. How would the same off-the-shelf probiotic benefit everyone’s gut?

Which Symptom Are You Suffering From?

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Here’s How We’ll Help You

You complete our<br />simple sampling process

You complete our
simple sampling process

We analyze your<br />unique gut microbiome

We analyze your
unique gut microbiome

We craft a precision probiotic<br />in our labs just for you

We craft a precision probiotic
in our labs just for you

Track your progress and<br />see your improvement

Track your progress and
see your improvement