Manage your chronic conditions with                 MAXIMUM clarity.

1 in 10 Americans will visit the doctor this year because of a digestive problem. Chronic digestive conditions such as lupus, ibd,colitis, arthritis, asthma, allergies, bloating, diabetes, and ibs can severally impact your life. At Sun Genomics, we recognize that individuals who suffer from such conditions have tried everything from changing eating habits to taking prescription medicines. FLORÉ Microbiome Testing & Precision Probiotics changes the way people can manage their condition by examining gut health in a whole new way.

Analyze your body from within with FLORÉ.  

FLORÉ Microbiome Testing & Precision Probiotics

Microbiome Profile Analysis

As a part of FLORÉ we provide you with an indepth report on the analysis of your gut using next-generation DNA sequencing. From your top ten bacteria to your overall gut health, the report will provide you with all the information you need to better understand your gut.

Custom Tailored Probiotics

After analyzing your sample and providing you your report, FLORÉ closes the information loop by providing an action. We custom formulate and manufacture three months of probiotics made for only you.