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Your Kit Explained

Your Kit, Explained

1 Glove

A glove is included in your kit for hygeine-friendly and contamination-free purposes. Discard glove immediately after use.

1 Collection Card

On your card, apply wet sample as instructed on directions.

2 Wipes

Two sterile, flushable wipes are included in case you mess up the first time. The wipe acts as the sample collection apparatus. Acquire sample using the wipe. After samples are collected into the test tubes and applied on the card, flush the wipe.

1 Biohazard Bag

In order to comply with safety standards, we have provided you with a biohazard bag in which you will simply place both the collection card and test tube samples inside of.

3 Test Tubes

Carefully follow the instructions provided in your kit in collecting your wet and dry samples.

1 Mailer Bag

The mailer bag and its contents is the only thing you will need to send back to us. All three test tubes and the collection card should be carefully and cleanly put into the bag. Do not ship the entire kit back to us.