Gut Microbiome Test for Personalized Probiotics

Custom probiotics subscription starts with a gut microbiome test. Lab crafted with your gut health data in mind we formulate custom probiotics. Order today and enjoy the worlds best probiotics for your digestive health. Find out how you can thrive. Order a gut microbiome test today.
Gut Microbiome Health Collection Kit
$149.99 $250.00
Everything You Need for An Improved Gut What’s Included With Your Purchase Gut Health Collection Kit Our kit includes both a snapshot and long-term sampling process allowing for better analysis of your gut health. Clear instructions in ...
Floré: Microbiome Test & Personalized Probiotics
$297.00 $447.00
What’s Included With Your Purchase Monitoring your microbiome and protecting your gut health is absolutely essential for your overall wellness. Take control of your gut with a subscription ...