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BioLabs provides research space to advance the science on probiotics

Sun Genomics called Biolabs home from 2017 to 2019 until it established its own headquarters just down the street in San Diego, CA.  Biolabs facilities continue to be place for Sun Genomics's Research and Development team to advance of science on probiotics.  As the probiotic field continues to grow and as more science comes related to the efficacy of a gut probiotic, we at Sun Genomics are thankful to the Biolabs team for giving us the space needed to execute on the science.  Sun Genomics continues to test and verify information related to probiotics for the consumer. Our research includes of gastric survivability of probiotics (which probiotics make it past your stomach and into your intestinal tract), enteric coating probiotics (how do you survive the low pH of the stomach to get to the small intestine and colon), and DNA verification of probiotics (are the probiotics you are taking the organisms listed on the bottle).

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